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LikeApro Pump + Focus V3

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  • Longer lasting pumps 
  • More Energy and Focus 
  • Increased Performance 
  • NO Artificial Color/Dyes 
  • 30 Full Servings

*Citrulline malate- is an amino acid which is involved in the production of Nitric Oxide, which improves blood flow. Benefits of supplementing citrulline malate include delaying muscle fatigue and improving oxygen delivery to muscles. 

*Betaine Anhydrous - for bodybuilding improves hydration, stimulates water-based pumps, improves power, and supports protein synthesis. Furthermore, it’s often compared to creatine. 

Here are the benefits of this exciting supplement:

  • Betaine attracts water into the muscle cells.
  • Betaine improves cellular hydration.
  • Betaine improves power & strength.
  • Betaine supports heart health.

*GlycerSize(formally known as GlycerPump) is a stable form of 65% glycerol powder which offersenhanced hydration, increased stamina, and full saturated muscles.

  • Improves hydration
  • Decreases urine output and free-water clearance
  • Greater endurance (up to 24% improvement
  • Reduces “thermal burden” of exercise in heat
  • Decreases heart rate during exercise
  • Longer time to exhaustion
  • Improves aerobic and anaerobic power and performance

*L-Tyrosine- It also helps the body produce neurotransmitters that help nerve cells communicate. Tyrosine is particularly important in the production of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine increasing focus tremendously  

*VasoDrive™️ The benefits of VasoDrive AP are largely due to its ability to help increase nitric oxide production in the body. The main reason bodybuilders take this compound is because it's highly effective at increasing nitric oxide (NO). It pretty much gets more blood into your muscles, giving a great pump and longer lasting

*PurpleForce™️ PurpleForce is an all-natural, Kenyan purple tea extract that works to improve exercise performance, reduce fatigue, and help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Purple tea is rich in functional ingredients and polyphenolic compounds such as GHG® which helps inhibit lipid and fat absorption while also boosting fat metabolism. It also works to activate AMPK, an enzyme involved in the homeostasis of the energy cell, promoting energy levels and glucose absorption in the skeletal muscle.

Clinically researched benefits include:

  • Promoted improvement in fat metabolism
  • Inhibited lipid absorption and fat accumulation
  • Relaxed vascular smooth-muscle to improve post-workout recovery
  • Helped improve endurance and reduce overall muscle fatigue

*CognatIQ™️ Derived from whole coffee fruit, CognatiQ™ (pronounced cog-na-teek) is clinically shown to significantly increase levels of a key neuroprotein (BDNF) vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking.

*Astragin®️ Has been shown to support and increase the absorption of nutrients, such as amino acids, glucose, and vitamins and more.


Mix 1 Scoop of pre pump with 12oz of water 15-20 minutes prior to workouts.