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Iron Rebel - Leather Lifting strap - 21"

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The Iron Rebel® Padded Leather Lifting Straps are made from genuine leather to allow for a firm yet comfortable grip. The cushioned interior wrist pad protects your wrists from chafing during extreme lifting. The unfinished interior allows for a phenomenal grip on the bar whereas the finished exterior conforms to allow grip for unparalleled, anti-slip strength. These straps will grip when hands are sweaty, but they can also be used with chalk. Rugged and durable, these leather straps are built to last!

  • Genuine Leather
  • Padded for extra comfort and no chafing
  • Contours to wrist
  • Move the weight without exhausting your grip
  • leek design made to handle extreme weight
  • Built to last
  • Sold in pairs, these straps measure 21” in length

NOTE: Stiff on  initial  use - Please allow 3-5 workouts for break in.