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IntraHD is an enhanced intra-workout product designed to improve muscular endurance and recovery; helping you to push past your last rep and jump start your muscle recovery protocol. The innovative formula behind IntraHD combines key clinically validated ingredients at efficacious doses to deliver unrivalled results not typically experienced by other amino acid products on the market today. IntraHD contains ten grams of all nine essential amino acids, effectively supplying your muscles with all of the necessary amino acids required to maximize protein synthesis and enhance muscular development and recovery.

IntraHD further enhances your results and takes you beyond muscle recovery by:

  • Increasing peak power and endurance
  • Limiting free radical damage to enhance recovery
  • Supporting efficient cellular oxygen consumption
  • Rehydrating and utilizing electrolytes more efficiently

10G EAAs

100MG Spectra
1G Coconut Water Powder
2G Taurine


Intra workout supplementation and nutrition is extremely vital for proper recovery and repair of muscle tissue.  Our goal with IntraHD was to focus on key markers in the body and go beyond standard muscle recovery and protein synthesis and to focus on muscle hydration, oxygen utilization, immunity and adaptogenic properties within the body to truly target recovery and repair from all angles.  


Essential Amino Acids (as Amino9®) – A specifically dosed Leucine enriched blend of all nine essential amino acids, Amino9® has been clinically shown to increase muscle protein synthesis and limit muscle breakdown.  Essential Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle and cannot be created by our bodies internally; therefore they must be consumed through diet and supplements like IntraHD. Amino9® have also been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis as much as whey protein and have smaller insulin spike than whey protein.

Taurine – A non-essential amino acid, Taurine offers a plethora of benefits to the body and is included in IntraHD for its hydrating and endurance properties.

PeakO2® – PeakO2® is a combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms clinically shown to help users more adequately adapt to and handle physical and mental stress as well as increase strength, power and endurance.  By increasing oxygen utilization in the body while decreasing lactate in muscles, PeakO2® delivers a powerful one-two punch in aiding in athletic performance and results safely and effectively.

Coconut Water Powder Extract – Considered one of nature’s super foods, coconut water is rich in electrolytes and nutrients that can aid in hydration and recovery.

Spectra™ – A 100% plant based ingredient consisting of a precise dose of key fruits and vegetable extracts clinically shown to support efficient oxygen utilization and antioxidant activity in the body while inhibiting free radical production.



We all chase “the pump” in the gym; the muscle filling, skin tightening, vein popping fullness and vascularity that comes along with heightened nitric oxide production and vasodilatation. Chasing the pump not only gives you a positive feeling when you look in the mirror but also can help with performance and recovery by shuttling more oxygen rich and nutrient dense blood to working muscles. 

As mentioned above, higher stimulant products can lead to vaso-constriction and less blood flow to working muscles which is why PreHD Black was formulated using specific pump inducing ingredients to deliver its amazing results.

Glycersize™ – Glycersize™ is a better absorbed and more stable form of Glycerol powder, yielding a minimum of 65% glycerol that can enhance muscle hydration, endurance and fullness.  Glycerol is known to pull more water into the cell giving a fuller and denser muscle belly and in combination with other key ingredients found in PreHD Black contains three grams of Glycersize™ and can give users a bigger and better muscle pump along with enhanced performance, endurance and recovery. 


The right mindset can make or break a workout.  Mood, momentum, time of day and muscle trained can all impact the type of mindset you desire and must encompass to get the most out of your lift.  Sometimes you want a smooth release of energy and other times are looking for less caffeine and more focus and mood... but sometimes you want to go pedal to the medal and unleash your inner wrath on the weights and that is where PreHD Black has you covered.  PreHD Black consists of a very unique combination of mind altering stimulants, nootropics and cognitive enhancers to dial in your focus and intensity for a truly one of a kind experience.

Tyrosine – Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine and can help aid in focus, concentration and mood along with providing an overall sense of well-being.

Caffeine (Anhydrous and Citrate) – Fast acting and highly stimulating, caffeine is the flagship ingredient found in almost all pre workouts and responsible for increased energy, focus and motivation.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) and Huperzine A  – DMAE is a precursor to choline and acetylcholine which can help increase focus, mood and cognitive function.  This powerful nootropic may also help increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain as well as glucose uptake.  Huperzine A is a potent acetylcholineesterase enzyme inhibitor and can help the body slowdown the breakdown of Choline which can help lengthen and stabilize its effects. 

Astragin® – Each full serving of PreHD Black contains 50mg of Astragin® to enhance absorption of this powerful formula.