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Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves (PKS) 2.0

Original price $79.00 - Original price $79.00
Original price $79.00
$79.00 - $79.00
Current price $79.00

Our Performance Knee Sleeves (PKS) 2.0 are now available! We've spent many months testing and perfecting our best-selling knee sleeves. People love our Performance Knee Sleeves because of their extremely tight fit and thickness, but we wanted to improve on a couple of areas:

  • Openings: We enhanced both top and bottom openings to allow for more stretch by using a heavy-duty polyester thread. And we opened up the top and bottoms to adjust to larger quads and calves.
  • Overall Fit: We adjusted lateral and back support seams to allow more compression and support around the knee, therefore enhancing stability and rebound where it counts.

Constructed from high grade neoprene, the Iron Rebel® PKS 2.0 provide ultimate support and rebound while providing warmth and comfort.

With double-stitch binding on the both sides and along the back, our knee sleeves provide stability and compression all around and offers maximum rebound for heavy leg workouts and squats.

  • Allowed in all Federations, except IPF
  • 7mm thickness
  • 30 cm length
  • Sold as a Pair
  • CARE: Hand Wash with mild soap and cold water. Air dry.