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Chemix - Sleep

by Chemix
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Assist Your Recovery And Induce Restfulness With The All New Chemix Ultra Premium Sleep Aid. The Guerrilla Chemist Has Gone Back To The Lab And Formulated Our First Ever Ultra Premium Sleep Aid Product. This One Of A Kind Formulation Will Turn Your Lights Out When It's Time To Get Your Rest. Chemix Sleep Will Provide The Best In Rest And Recovery With No Excess Leaving You Ready To Take On The Day With Plenty Of Energy And Focus.

SLEEP is an all-natural, multifaceted sleep support supplement designed to promote quality and restful sleep to ensure maximum recovery. Quality sleep is one of the most important and essential actions your body needs to function properly. It is estimated that up to 33% of all adults do not get enough quality sleep. SLEEP is specifically designed to help fight off restlessness via different mechanisms of action, including inducing sleep and staying asleep.

GABAiclinÔ is a trademarked extract of Scutellaria baicalensis, standardized for 30% of the main active baicalin.

MagnaSleepÔ is an extremely potent form of magnolia bark extract(MBE), standardized for 90% of two powerful active phenolic compounds: magnolol and honokiol. In Chinese and Japanese tradition medicine for help promote sleep a hefty 25mg dose of BioPerineÒ(black pepper extract) was added to inhibit this process.

Cussonia zimmermannii is an African herb. The rootbark extract of C. zimmermannii has some very unique compounds known as polyacetylenes. These compounds have been shown to promote restful sleep, as well as staying asleep longer.

Hesperidin is one of the main bioactive compounds from citrus peel extract.

Apigenin is a polyphenolic flavonoid that is one of the most abundant and well-studied.



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