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Bowmar Sharp

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What is SHARP? It is a powerful nootropic (powder) designed to improve mental clarity, improve mental focus, enhance concentration, and help support healthy brain function- think of SHARP as brain food! SHARP Nootropics work with your natural brain chemistry to provide a heightened sense of well-being as well as:

  • Higher levels of attention.
  • Less brain fog.
  • Reach your maximum cognitive potential.
  • Increase your mood.
  • Delay cognitive decline.
  • When you provide neurotransmitter support, you begin to see a positive effect on mood.


Citrulline may increase nitric oxide levels according to recent research. Nitric oxide is a molecular compound that is primarily involved in helping cells transmit signals, allowing for intercellular communication. Nitric oxide also plays a role in supporting circulation, further contributing to citrulline’s other potential effects on blood flow. Nitric oxide may help to promote cardiovascular health and support your immune system

Betaine Anhydrous:

A form of betaine called betaine anhydrous helps in the metabolism of homocysteine, a chemical involved in the normal function of many different parts of the body, including blood, bones, eyes, heart, nerves, and the brain


Tyrosine is used to improve alertness, attention, and focus on top of improving brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate and may regulate mood

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI:

Improves physical function and may improvement function in people with poor brain function due to liver failure


Taurine stimulates new brain cell formation, providing a potential source for replacement of aging, damaged brain cells. Taurine supplementation may slow or prevent Alzheimer's disease by effects on toxic beta amyloid proteins, and also by improving blood sugar control

Alpha GPC:

Supports a role for enhancing cognitive function, increasing strength and stimulating the release of growth hormone

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract:

An adaptogen that is proven to help reduce body stress on top of boosting brain function and relieving anxiety and depression


Caffeine promotes central nervous system stimulation, making you feel alert. Bottom Line: Caffeine is the key reason why coffee boosts brain function. This stimulant blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain that makes you sleepy

SHARP is best taken daily for long term benefits but not necessary to take daily for short term benefits. SHARP can be taken any time of day- we recommend before starting a large project or a heavy work load.